Rubber products – custom production

Rubber products. Standard and custom made rubber products.

We are able to supply standard and custom-made silentblocks, rubber springs, diaphragm seals, bellows, cuffs, rubber balls and other similar products from the rubber industry.

Our production options also include various rubberised rails and other similar parts where rubber and metal are combined.
We also provide rubberization with Polyurethane PUR (more info here)

We also provide rubber vulcanization for the production of profile rings and similar closed parts.

In addition to standard rubber materials (SBR, NBR, EPDM, etc.), we also offer production from MVQ red-brown silicone and other materials.

Often we encounter a situation where a new part needs to be made from an old sample piece.
We will measure the sample, analyse the material (mixture used, ShoreA hardness and other parameters) and prepare a non-binding quotation.

Description of the custom rubber product manufacturing process

Completion of requirements. Either on the basis of drawings or by measuring an old sample piece.
Selection of a suitable material with appropriate properties.
A large range of rubber compounds (NBR, SBR, EPDM and many others) is available.

Custom production of a die or production mould, or modification of one of our already produced moulds.
Depending on the complexity, production is carried out either on conventional machine tools or on CNC machining centres in the case of more complex shapes and parts.

A pre-selected rubber compound that meets the requirements and demands placed on the product is then injected into the production mould.

The product then goes to the curing oven where the mixture is “baked”.
The time and temperature of the baking process varies depending on the product and the material used.

The product is finally cleaned.
If required, further operations are performed – machining the part according to the drawing.

The final check is made on the product according to the drawing. The required material properties are tested.

The products are packed and ready for dispatch.

For more information on rubber processing, see for example here