REONPACK AS260 | -85 to 260°C | for pH 2-12

REONPACK AS 260 is a cord knitted from high tenacity aramid yarn.




The REONPACK AS 260 sealing gasket is designed for static seals. This gasket provides good chemical resistance and is therefore recommended for sealing a wide range of chemicals including organic solvents, oils, steam and most alkaline and acidic media.


The REONPACK AS260 sealant is produced in square cross-section in a range of sizes from 4 mm to 35 mm

REONPACK SCH700 | -260 to 700°C | holding temperature 1250°C | for pH 0-14

REONPACK SCH 700 is a static seal made of a material that resists high temperatures, has exceptional abrasion resistance and exceptional chemical resistance.

The gasket has a smooth surface, is easy to shape and keeps the chosen shape.




REONPACK SCH 700 is a full-value replacement for asbestos and ceramic gaskets that are exposed to high temperatures and mechanical stresses in aggressive environments, especially for these applications:

– in metallurgy in pig iron processing

– for sealing moulds during metal casting

– in the production of heat and electricity, as insulation for boilers and their accessories

– in the manufacture of industrial boilers, furnaces, kilns and dryers

– in the manufacture of glass, brick and ceramic products

– for braiding hoses and wires exposed to high temperatures


SCH 700 is available in round or square cross-sections in a range of sizes from 8 mm to 80 mm.