About us

REONTECH CZ s.r.o. was established in 2014 based on the business experience of the founder, who
is active in the field of industrial sealing
since 1995.

We are a Czech family company and we are mainly engaged in the production and sale of a wide range of industrial sealing elements, milled products and other parts for industry.

Our base is our own production area
in Ujčov (about 40 km north of Brno),
where we have started CNC production of machined gaskets in 2020 and production of shaped die-cuts and milled parts in 2023.

We know from our experience that reliability, meeting agreed deadlines and adherence to product quality are as important as the price of the goods themselves. Therefore, we always place great emphasis on these (and other) factors in order to build long-term and stable relationships with our customers.

Prodej tesneni

Wide range of products for industry

In our offer you can find mainly sealing elements, rubbers and rubber products, mechanical seals, sealing cords, technical plastics, thermal insulation materials, but also other related products.

Vyroba tesneni

CNC production of seals and milled parts

We manufacture turned sealing elements up to a diameter of 500 mm, flat seals and also manufacture milled parts from many different materials for use in many (not only industrial) areas.

History of the company