General Terms and Conditions

REONTECH CZ s.r.o. applies the following general terms and conditions.

However, it is possible to adapt the terms of cooperation to the specific case.

General terms and conditions

Part 1.

General provisions

The following terms and conditions of sale extend the basic provisions of the purchase contract and are an integral part of it. Their validity is given in full. Documents for the conclusion of the purchase contract, such as drawings, technical parameters, submitted by the buyer are binding for the seller, unless the parties agree otherwise.

All agreements, whether oral or written, made before the signing of the purchase contract by both parties become non-binding if they have not been included in the purchase contract or if they are not in accordance with the general terms and conditions.

The Parties are not entitled to transfer the rights and obligations arising from this Purchase Agreement and its General Terms and Conditions to third parties. If one of the contracting parties fails to fulfil an obligation arising for it from the purchase contract, the counterparty is entitled to insist on its fulfilment.

The buyer acquires ownership rights to the subject of the contract only by full payment of the purchase price.

Price and payment terms

The agreement on the price of the contract goods is considered an essential condition and without its agreement or a method of its additional determination, the purchase contract is invalid. The prices stated in the purchase contract are exclusive of VAT.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, the purchase price means the price of the object of purchase. Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, the seller is entitled to issue an invoice containing the purchase price to the buyer at the time the contract goods are delivered and accepted.

The invoice is normally due 14 days after delivery of the goods, unless otherwise stated in the contract.

All payments shall be made in cashless form by bank transfer from the accounts of the parties, unless otherwise specified in the contract.

Payment is deemed to be made at the moment of crediting the relevant funds to the Seller’s bank account.

In the event of delay by the buyer in paying the contract price, the seller is entitled to charge interest on the delay for the period from the due date of the amount due until the date of its payment in the amount of 0.05% ofthis amount for each day of delay.

If the buyer is in default of payment, the object of performance remains in the possession of the seller until the purchase price is paid.

Delivery conditions

The delivery date specified in the purchase contract is binding.

The Seller shall fulfill his obligation under the Purchase Contract by delivering the agreed goods to the Buyer under the specified conditions, properly marking them, packaging them and notifying the Buyer thereof.

In the event that the goods are ready for dispatch within the agreed time, the Seller is entitled to issue a tax document and to remove the goods from the Seller’s warehouse within 7 days of notification of the removal of the goods.

If the goods are ready for dispatch, the Seller shall notify the Buyer in writing and invite the Buyer to collect the goods, unless otherwise agreed.

Circumstances excluding liability for delay in delivery

In the event that events occur which cannot be foreseen at the time of signing the purchase contract and which cause the seller an obstacle in the performance of his contractual obligations, the seller is obliged to inform the buyer of these facts and mutually agree to resolve the consequences arising therefrom.


The contractual goods are defective if they are not delivered in the quantity, quality and design specified in the purchase contract and do not meet the parameters given in the technical specification.

The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods immediately after receipt and, if necessary, to report any defects found, i.e. claim the goods.

The seller is obliged to provide a guarantee for the contract goods that the goods will be fit for use for the agreed purpose for a certain period of time. Unless the contents of the contract indicate otherwise, the warranty period shall commence from the date of delivery and acceptance of the contractual goods.

For defects not covered by the warranty, the provisions on statutory liability for defects apply in full.

The Seller’s warranty shall be void if the Buyer performs or has third parties perform repairs himself without the Seller’s knowledge and permission during the warranty period, or if the Seller’s operating and installation regulations are violated.

The warranty period is 24 months. A longer warranty period may be established by written agreement of both parties.

Part 2.

Receiving orders

  • by phone
  • fax
  • by e-mail
  • by mail

according to the valid price lists or according to the offer based on the inquiry procedure

We provide the following discounts

  • quantitative (regardless of turnover)
  • turnover (in case of a framework contract)
  • loyalty (can be granted on the basis of long-term cooperation)

Delivery times

  • goods in stock = 1-2 days
  • goods are in stock at our suppliers = 1-2 weeks
  • goods are ordered for production = 2-5 weeks
  • goods ordered for production from our suppliers = 3-8 weeks

Deliveries of goods

  • by supplier’s car
  • by post without COD (Profi parcel – 24 hours)
  • by post with cash on delivery (Profi parcel – 24 hours)
  • by mail order without cash on delivery
  • mail order with cash on delivery
  • personal collection

Place of performance

  • the customer’s registered office
  • the customer’s warehouse (if different from the registered office)
  • supplier’s registered office
  • location by agreement

Transport costs are covered by:

  • customer – by default
  • Supplier – for a customer with contractual conditions

Payment terms

  • PP – by transfer order with maturity of 14, 21, 30, 45 and 60 days
  • Cash
  • Cash on delivery
  • 100% deposit
  • Credit (by agreement)
  • Combination of all points (by agreement)


In the event of non-compliance with the due date, we charge a penalty of 0.05% of the unpaid amount for each day of delay.