Our production possibilities

Below you will find an overview and a brief description of our machinery and production capabilities.
Thanks to our technology, we can produce many variations and types of custom gaskets, but we also mill a wide range of plate materials.

Machined seals
CNC production

CNC lathe DMH 500M
Machining process tailored to the processing of polyurethanes,
elastomers, PTFE, plastics and other materials
Production of turned parts up to an outside diameter of 500 mm
Specialized tools for the production of atypical sealing profiles
Automation of serial production

Seals for hydraulics
Wide range of types of seals for hydraulic cylinders
Customizable, custom profiles and shapes

Other turned products
Tyre seals, flange seals
Slip sleeves and other workpieces according to drawings

Dimensional options
From the smallest pieces up to an outer diameter of 500 mm
Larger diameters are solved in cooperation

Wide range of materials
More than 65 standard materials including FDA-approved variants
H-PU, NBR, FPM, PTFE, POM-C and other materials for production

Piece and mass production
Production from 1 piece, but also large series
Quantity discounts

Inventory of materials
We maintain stock of the most commonly used materials
Flexible and fast solution for urgent cases

Short delivery times
Normally within a few days
In urgent cases, it can be produced immediately

Measurement, solution proposal
Dimensioning of building spaces and design of suitable sealing
If necessary, we also measure in the customer’s plant

Flat gasket seals
Milling of plate materials

CNC router KiMLA BPF
Working area size 2100 x 3100 mm, Z-axis range 200 mm
Head with oscillating / drawn knife for cutting a wide range of materials for the production of flat seals, processing of microporous materials, etc.
Spindle 9 kW, 24 000 rpm for milling plastics, aluminium, composite materials, polycarbonate, non-ferrous metals, wood etc.
Automatic tool change – revolver magazine
Vacuum table for fixing materials
Measuring probe for precise workpiece alignment and checking part dimensions

Asbestos-free materials
Fibre-rubber materials
PTFE-based plates, graphite plates and other related materials

Rubber materials
SBR, NBR, EPDM, NR, FPM, CR and other types of rubber
Floor mats, polyurethane, combined rubbers

Microporous materials
Softened EPDM, SBR, CR, foam materials
Possibility of self-adhesive layer

Technical plastics
PE, PA, PP, PVC, POM and other types of plastics
Threading and other related machining operations

Different types of polycarbonate, plexiglass, etc.
Edge polishing and other adjustments

Aluminium, non-ferrous metals
Shaped aluminium parts
Copper, bronze, brass and other non-ferrous metals

Composite materials
Dibond, alupanel and other composites
Milling grooves for bending

Other materials
Cardboard cutting, creasing, insulating materials, felt
Industrial fabrics, textiles, MDF, wood, plywood

Production is carried out not only according to drawings and product specifications, but also on the basis of a sample of an old piece, etc.
If necessary, we will design a suitable construction solution, select adequate material and measure the necessary dimensions.
We maintain a stock of starting materials so that we can respond flexibly to urgent requests and offer solutions in the shortest possible time.

If you are interested in custom production in any quantity, do not hesitate to contact us.