We offer the following products and services:

Seals (not only) for hydraulics and pneumatics

A complete range of seals used in hydraulics and pneumatics.
Many standard elements in stock. Own CNC custom production.

Flat gasket seals

Custom shaped parts made from asbestos-free plates, rubbers and other materials.
Use of die-cutting plotter, water jet and other technologies.

Milling – custom production of milled parts

Milling of plastics, aluminium, wood and many other materials.
Piece and serial CNC production according to requirement

Rubber, rubber products

Technical rubbers for various applications.
We also offer custom rubber products and other rubber products.

Rubber profiles

Wide range of rubber profiles in compact and softened materials.
Bespoke production from quantities as low as 1 kg.

Technical plastics, machined parts

All commonly used plastic materials.
Semi-finished products (plates, bars, tubes) and machined parts according to your specifications.

Mechanical seals

Mechanical seals of all types.
We are a distributor of the European manufacturer Vulcan Engineering.

Thermal insulation materials

Refractory fabrics, mica boards and other materials for thermal insulation in industrial production.

Packing sealing cords

Knitted seals for static applications as well as for pumps and valves.
Possibility of custom production exactly according to the requirements of the application.

Industrial fats and lubricants

Fats, oils and lubricants mainly from Molyduval.
Lubricants for rolling bearings, food machinery and other applications.

Industrial hoses

A wide range of hoses for not only industrial applications.
Hose reinforcement, flange fitting, fittings and other related services.

Additional assortment

Metal fabrication, locksmith works, production of weldments, bags for conveyors.
Safety glass, bearings, conveyor belts and other products.