Milled parts

Milling of plastics, aluminium
wood and other materials

We offer production of custom flat milled parts in plastics, aluminum and many other materials

We produce our products mainly on our own CNC milling machine with a working area of 2100 x 3100 mm with a wide range of processed materials. This enables us to offer solutions for both piece and batch production of a wide range of parts that are used in many (not only) industrial applications.

Our technology and production capabilities

For the production of milled products we use the KiMLA BPF CNC milling machine, which has the following parameters, equipment and production capabilities:

  • Working area size 2100 x 3100 mm, Z-axis range 200 mm

    Thanks to the sufficient size of the work area, we can efficiently process even large source formats. The range of the Z-axis allows us to mill large material thicknesses, use a variety of tools and mill deep grooves, holes, etc.

  • Milling head with spindle 9 kW, 24 000 rpm

    The power of the milling head is designed to be sufficient to process a wide range of materials, including aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Parameters are fully adjustable, which makes it possible to process materials that require specific milling conditions.

  • Head with oscillating / drawn knife

    In addition to the milling head, our machine is also equipped with a separate oscillating / drawn knife head. Thanks to this, we can also produce flat seals not only from asbestos-free materials, process rubber, microporous and other materials that cannot be milled.

  • Vacuum table for fixing materials

    The clamping of the milling materials is solved by means of a vacuum table, which allows a firm and sufficient fixation of the material to be machined. Clamps, clamps and other options can also be used as required to ensure perfect clamping of the material during milling.

  • Automatic tool change – revolver magazine

    The machine is equipped with a turret tray with up to 12 tools that are automatically changed during production according to your specifications. Thanks to the automated changeover, milling is carried out efficiently and production time is reduced.

  • Other machine equipment and production options
  • Renishaw measuring probe for accurate workpiece alignment and dimensional inspection

    To ensure maximum dimensional accuracy, we use a Renishaw measuring probe that offers many precision measurement options. It is an indispensable tool for accurate workpiece alignment, but also for dimensional inspection, for precise measurement of material thickness and deviations, and other applications.

  • Front table for vertical workpiece clamping

    A face table is also installed on the machine, which significantly expands the machining possibilities. With its use, we can also perform milling from the side of the workpiece and thus efficiently solve even shape-intensive parts and products.

  • Threading and other operations, combination of technologies

    In addition to many standard milling operations, we also handle hole threading and other additional modifications. If necessary, we also use a combination of technologies (e.g. turning and subsequent milling), perform surface finishing and other operations according to the specific product design.

  • Tools for specific milling

    Depending on the material to be machined, we use specialized tools that are designed for the material. In addition to the full range of shank milling cutters, we also use face milling cutters and other specialised tools.

  • Engraving, marking of parts

    With the help of engraving milling machines and laser engraving machines we also perform engraving and marking of parts.

Gallery of production

Demonstration of machining different materials

Materials processed and examples of use
Frézování PE
Technical plastics

Milling of all technical plastics such as PE, PP, PA, PVC, POM-C
We keep the most frequently used materials in stock.

In addition to milling, we also offer the possibility of CNC turning.

More details about the materials we offer can be found here

Examples of use:

  • Demarcation pads, abrasion-resistant elements
  • Slip sleeves, guide rails, labels
  • Roller screw guides, machine enclosures

We perform milling of various types of polycarbonate, plexiglass and other materials.

Possibility to polish edges and other surface treatments.
We also offer bent and glued parts and assemblies.

Examples of use:

  • Hole fillers, security fillers (hardened polycarbonate types)
  • Transparent covering, roofing
  • Promotional products, signs, banners

Frézování hliník
Aluminium, non-ferrous metals

We produce shaped and milled aluminium parts.
We also process copper, bronze, brass and other non-ferrous metals.

We also perform turning and related machining operations on these materials.

Examples of use:

  • Machine parts, guide profiles
  • Slip sleeves made of non-ferrous metals
  • Promotional products, engravings

Composite materials

We also process dibond, alupanel and other composites.
Milling grooves for bending.
Bent parts.

Examples of use:

  • Advertising use, banners, signs
  • Machine components
  • Covering of machinery and equipment

Frézování dřevo
Wood, plywood

We offer milling of wood, plywood, laminate, MDF and other related materials.
Of course, other operations (grinding, gluing, etc.)
Surface treatments (varnishes, stains, oils, waxes, etc.)

Examples of use:

  • Advertising use, promotional items

  • Parts for furniture production
  • Decorative objects made of solid wood

Asbestos-free materials

We cut fibre-rubber materials
PTFE-based plates, graphite plates
Other specialised materials for the production of mainly flat seals
More details about the materials offered can be found here

Examples of use:

  • Valve sealing joints, flanges
  • Sealing of heat, gas and steam distribution systems

  • Pumps, pumps, water lines

Rubbers, rubber materials

SBR, NBR, EPDM, NR, FPM, CR and other types of rubbers
Floor mats, polyurethane, combined and laminated rubbers
More details about these materials can be found here


Examples of use:

  • Sealing joints, fittings, flanges, lids
  • Protective, damping elements, wiper blades
  • Laminated screens, linings for transport boxes

Microporous materials

Softened (expanded) EPDM, SBR, CR, PE and other foam materials
Possibility of self-adhesive layer
Kiss-cut cut-outs

Examples of use:

  • Shank seals, lids, protective elements
  • Damping parts, acoustic panels
  • Case fillers, protection during transport

Řezání mateirálů
Other processed materials

In addition to the materials described above, we also mill/cut, for example:
Cardboard, insulating materials, leather, felt
Industrial fabrics, textiles, laminated insulators

Examples of use:

  • Mica and other thermal insulation parts

  • Leather products, other shape cut-outs
  • Promotional and decorative items made of various materials

Thanks to CNC technology we can offer both piece and mass production.

During the milling of plastics and other materials used by us, we make sure that the correct technological process is followed.
Compared to steel or other materials, plastics do not have the same dimensional stability and are more susceptible to temperature changes.
There are also differences between species and variants. Therefore, these specific requirements must be met when machining plastics.

When milling plastics, milling aluminium and many other materials we process, we draw on our experience and always try to optimize the production to achieve the best possible result in terms of accuracy, but also in terms of the appearance of the final part.

General recommendations for machining not only plastics are given for example on this source or here