Sheathed O-rings

FEP/Viton, FEP/Silicone and other variants

Sheathed O-rings (sometimes called encapsulated O-rings) are a special type of classic O-ring.
They consist of an elastic core made of FPM (Viton) or MVQ (Silicone) and an outer sheath made of FEP or PFA.
They are used wherever high chemical and temperature resistance is required and an O-ring made of conventional elastomers cannot be used.

Sheathed O-rings

They combine the advantages and best features of both materials.

This unique combination of the properties of both materials creates a highly efficient, long-life solution for the most demanding applications.

FEP Teflon outer jacket is standard for applications in the temperature range -60°C to +205°C
(depending on the core material used).

For applications with higher temperature requirements, a PFA Teflon outer casing is used. This variant can be used up to +260°C.
In addition, PFA has greater mechanical resistance than FEP and has excellent fracture and stress resistance.

Sheathed O-rings

O-rings are primarily designed for static applications, but can also be used for slow straight-line or rotary movements.
They are mainly used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and engineering industries.

Sheathed O-rings are certified


and can therefore be used in the food industry and other areas where this approval is required.

They are manufactured to ISO 3302-1 tolerances. The dimensional range is available in both metric and inch sizes.
In case of a request for a non-standard dimension, we are able to manufacture the O-ring to your specifications.
Delivery is possible from one piece. In the case of larger quantities we offer quantity discounts.

In addition to classic rings with a round profile, we also supply rings with a hollow core and square and rectangular cross-sections

Sheathed O-rings – manufacturing options

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