Industrial lubricants and greases

Our product range includes industrial lubricants, greases, oils and other related products.
We mainly offer products from Molyduval – a leading manufacturer of industrial lubricants.

Among other things, we also offer industrial lubricants for food processing machinery, high temperature oils and corrosion protection products.
We will be happy to advise and recommend the appropriate lubricant with regard to the operating conditions (temperature, speed, environment, etc.).


Industrial lubricants and greases – basic information, advantages

Industrial lubricants are consistent.

They consist of a base oil (mineral or synthetic oil), a thickener and active additives (additives).

The main role of grease for rolling bearings is to create a temperature and pressure resistant lubricating film between the raceways and the rolling elements to prevent direct contact between the metal surfaces.
In addition, the bearing must be protected against corrosion and the ingress of dirt.

Greases for rolling bearings have the following advantages over lubricating oils for rolling bearings:

– do not leak from the bearing

– protects the bearing against the ingress of dirt, moisture and water

– have better lubricity in the mixed and boundary friction region, i.e. when a closed, sliding surface separating the lubricating film cannot form

design costs to guarantee lubrication may be less

– lack of cooling and cleaning effect of fats

– Continuous relubrication is more costly to transport the grease to the lubrication point

The extraordinary lubricating effect of lubricants is based on the formation of a firmly adhering, extremely pressure-resistant solid lubricant (interfilm), which prevents the sliding surfaces from touching each other.

Industrial lubricants – complete offer Molyduval

Molyduval, based in Germany, has been manufacturing industrial greases and lubricants for more than 60 years.’
Below you will find specialised catalogues for the main product areas.

Each product comes in several packs and sizes – from 400ml packs to 200l and larger kegs.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will select and recommend a suitable product depending on your requirements and the parameters of the environment.

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