REONTHERM W1000 fabric

Protective fabric for welding, grinding, coated on both sides

REONTHERM W1000 refractory fabric is primarily used as environmental protection during welding, grinding, for the production of welding screens, protective elements, etc.

The fabric is coated on both sides with a protective layer that ensures the impermeability of sparks, welding beads and other particles.
The long-term temperature resistance of the material is 850°C (short-term up to 1000°C). The REONTHERM W1000 fabric, based on chemically treated glass fibre, is therefore ideally suited for environmental protection during all types of welding.
However, it is also suitable for many other applications that require a suitable thermal insulation material.

We offer custom manufacturing of curtains, screens and other similar parts.

For an enhanced protective effect, REONTHERM W1000 refractory fabric can be used in two layers.
We also perform custom sewing of these multi-layered parts, including stitching of individual layers.

Technical parameters

TloušťkaDIN 53855 T1mm1,7
Šířka rolemm1000
Krátkodobá teplotní odolnost°C850
Dlouhodobá teplotní odolnost°C1000
NehořlavostDIN 4102třída A1
HmotnostDIN 53854g/m21220

Exposure to high temperature can lead to discolouration after a prolonged period of time. However, this phenomenon does not affect the temperature resistance of the material.