Rubber profiles

We offer a wide range of rubber profiles in all commonly used materials.
In addition to the standard offer, we also provide production of custom rubber profiles (from quantities as low as 1 kg).
From the consultation and design of the profile, through the production of the extrusion mould to the production itself.

Examples of supplied profiles

Rubber profiles – summary of rubber profiles offered

We have almost 1000 standard shapes and variants in our product range.

The materials used for production are: NBR, EPDM, CR, PVC, Silicone, lightweight self-adhesive rubbers and special material mixtures.

For a detailed offer of specific profiles, please contact us.

Basic types of rubber profiles offered according to shape and application:

Basic shapes

Basic shapes (square, rectangle, circle, tube)

Shape C

C-shaped profiles

Shape D

D-shaped profiles

Shape E, S

E, S profiles

Shape H

Shape H



Shape O

Shape O



The shape of the T

The shape of the T

U and V shape

U and V shapes

Other shapes

Other shapes.


Profiles made of lightweight rubber.

Possibility of self-adhesive layer.

With metal. reinforcement

Combination of rubber and metal.

The metal serves as reinforcement and provides greater strength.


Profiles used to seal joints and connections.

With velvet

Profiles fitted with so-called. velvet (FLOCK)

Of course, our range also includes sealing cords in round, square and rectangular cross-sections (metre).
We keep the most commonly used rubber profiles in stock and are able to deliver the exact quantity according to the customer’s requirements.

If you are interested in a profile joined in a circle (closed), the creation of a corner joint and other requirements for similar operations, we can also provide these services (gluing or even the vulcanization process)

In the case of long-term purchase of rubber profiles (as well as other goods) we are able to offer the so-called. consignment warehouse – we keep sufficient quantities of goods in stock for you and we deliver the necessary batches to the customer immediately if needed.
The main advantage of this solution is a significant shortening of delivery times (especially in the case of non-standard, custom-made profiles) and gradual invoicing according to the goods actually delivered. Everything depends on mutual agreement.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

Further information on rubber processing and the production of rubber profiles can be found, for example, here.