REONPACK 3110 | from -240°C to 450°C (steam 650°C, inert gases 1000°C) | for pH 0-14

REONPACK 3110 is a universal static seal for metallic and non-metallic flanges, supplied in a coil yardage. This sealing material is made in the form of a strip of high purity expanded graphite. The tape is well flexible, malleable and strong, so it is suitable for different sizes and shapes of flanges. It is supplied with a self-adhesive layer for ease of installation.

REONPACK 3110 / I is a sealing material reinforced with inconel wire.




REONPACK 3110 is used as a flange seal especially for large diameters. It is characterized by excellent heat resistance, resistance to chemicals (except strong oxidants) and therefore suitable for most media, steam, superheated steam, condensate, waste water, gases, mineral and synthetic oils, hydrocarbons, fuels, heat exchangers, autoclaves, reactors, hatches, lids, covers, etc.

Note: When applying seals to inert or reducing environments, the possibility of attack on the seal from the external environment must be taken into account. Do not use with strong oxidizing agents !

Rozsah pH0-14
Pracovní teplotaod -240°C do 450°C
Max. teplota pro párudo 650°C
Max. teplota pro intertní plynydo 1 000°C
Maximální tlak300 bar
Měrná hmotnost1,0 g / cm³
Obsah grafitumin. 98%
Obsah výluhu chloridových iontů<50 ppm
Obsah výluhu fluoridových iontů<50 ppm
Obsah síry<800 ppm


10 x 4 ; 15 x 4 ; 20 x 4 ; 25 x 3 ; 25 x 6 ; 30 x 4,5 ; 40 x 5 ; 50 x 6 mm