CNC production of seals up to a diameter of 500 mm

Manufacture of seals for hydraulics
and pneumatics

Complete range of sealing elements (not only) for hydraulic and pneumatic systems. We offer standard parts and customized production.

Production of seals according to your requirements from 1 piece.
Short delivery times thanks to our stock of starting material.

In our offer you can also find standard sealing elements for use mainly in
in hydraulics and pneumatics. We keep the most used items in stock.

We also offer rubbers, rubber products, technical plastics and other products

  • Machined seals

    CNC production of seals (not only) for hydraulics and pneumatics up to an outer diameter of 500 mm

  • Flat gasket seals

    Production of flat seals from asbestos-free plates, rubbers and many other materials

  • Milled parts

    Milling of plastics, polycarbonate, aluminium, composites, wood and other materials

Wide range of products

In addition to gaskets, our offer includes
also a large number of industrial parts.

We are constantly expanding our offer to bring you quality and affordable solutions.

Individual approach

We approach each customer individually and always try to find a solution that fully meets the requirements and expectations.

We offer our customers the possibility of quantity discounts, long-term price guarantee or other favourable business conditions.

28 years of experience

The company’s CEO has been in the industrial sealing business for over 28 years.

Thanks to these years of experience, we find solutions even in cases that require non-standard or custom designs.

About the company

REONTECH CZ s.r.o. was founded in 2014. We are mainly engaged in the production and sale of industrial seals and other parts for industry. In 2020 we started our own CNC production of seals. This enables us to offer a fast and operative solution even for urgent cases up to a seal diameter of 500 mm.

We are a Czech family-owned company and we operate mainly on the domestic market.

We are based in Nedvědice and in nearby Ujčov, where we have our own production
and warehouse space of more than 2500 m2.

We know from our experience that reliability in negotiations, meeting agreed deadlines and adherence to product quality are as important as the price of the goods themselves. We therefore always place great emphasis on these (and other) factors
and we strive to build long-term and stable relationships with our customers.