Additional assortment

Locksmith work, weldment production (material cutting, CNC turning, grinding, drilling, flowdrill, welding, etc.)
Production of foundry bags
Conveyor belts (including on-site assembly)
Rubberization of metal parts (mostly PUR, NBR, SBR)
Welding components (welding wires)
Coatings and accessories

In addition to our standard product range, we also offer other products and services:

Metal fabrication, metal machining, locksmith work, weldments production

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Production of bags for bag conveyors

We manufacture custom-made bags that are primarily used in foundries.

However, it can also find its application in other operations in which it is necessary to transport bulk material.
Bucket conveyors are used in the chemical, construction, glass and food industries.

Bucket conveyors (elevators) are devices that provide vertical (or even partially horizontal) transport of bulk materials. The material is transported by a closed conveyor belt equipped with buckets.
At the beginning of the cycle, the bucket picks up the material and transports it to the place where it is automatically discharged.

The production of baskets is possible from one piece (test series and prototypes are possible).

We produce custom-made corks based on the requirements of a specific solution.

For more information on bag conveyors and elevator systems in general, please click here.

Conveyor belts

We offer complete services in the field of conveyor belts.
In addition to the conveyor belts themselves, we also provide their assembly or possible repair of a worn belt.

The assembly is carried out directly at the place of operation, where the final length of the belt is precisely adjusted to the specific conveyor.
In order to ensure that the belt replacement affects the smooth operation as little as possible, we also offer the option of weekend installation.
Depending on the requirements of the conveyor, either a cold or a hot joint is made.

We cooperate with several leading conveyor belt manufacturers and therefore we are able to supply you with a conveyor belt exactly according to your needs.
In addition to length and width, key features include thickness, number of inserts, amount of material transported per hour, strength and more.

In addition to flat conveyor belts, we also offer elevator belts, which are equipped with various types of fastening elements.
We manufacture metal drift bags ourselves directly according to specific specifications (see details above).

Conveyor belts are mainly used in the foundry, chemical and food industries as well as in agriculture.

You can find detailed information about the operation of the conveyor belt system, for example, on this or this resource.

Rubberisation of metal parts

We provide a complete rubberizing service and manufacture parts where a combination and combination of metal and rubber is required.

Most often these are various types of silentblocks, air springs, drive wheels and cylinders, guide rods and so on.
In addition to parts combining metal and rubber, we also manufacture many other pure rubber parts.
More information about these products can be found in the rubber products section.

A range of rubber compounds are available. The most commonly used ones include SBR, NBR, or EPDM.
The mixes are available in different hardnesses and designs.
We will be happy to select a specific material for you depending on the specific requirements of the part or solution.
We also provide rubberization with a layer of polyurethane (PUR).

Of course, the removal of the old surface and the preparation of the part for new rubber coating (roughening, blasting) is also a matter of course.

More information about the production and processing of rubber can be found, for example, at this link.

Safety glass

We supply safety glass and other glass products

We offer many types of standard regular, tempered and safety glass.
We produce customized pieces according to the requirement.
We offer folded glass (double glazing, triple glazing), combined safety glass (combination of safety glass and polycarbonate).

Our production possibilities include bent safety glass.


Further details will be added soon