Elastomer FFKM, O-rings FFKM

The most durable material for the manufacture of O-rings and other sealing elements

FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer) is currently the most resistant elastomer to chemicals.
We offer O-rings from more than 20 FFKM variants. Selected variants have FDA approval.

It combines the elastic properties of rubber with the exceptional chemical and temperature resistance of PTFE.
It also has excellent mechanical properties and excellent vacuum behaviour.
The material exhibits excellent resistance to acids, amines, alkalis, as well as chlorine- and solvent-containing media.
At the same time, it has excellent temperature resistance, where the standard compound can be used up to 270°C.
The most thermally resistant compound possible can then be applied for temperatures up to 330°C (short-term up to 350°C).
Thanks to its properties, it has a very long service life.

It is typically used mainly in the chemical industry and in contact with petroleum products. Common applications include use in pumps,
valves, pressure vessels, motors, valves and many other applications. It also finds its application in the energy industry,
food and pharmaceutical.

FFKM is designed for wherever the most demanding requirements are placed on the material.

Elastomer is available in more than 20 different variants in hardnesses from 60 to 90 Sh.A.
The different variants differ in their temperature resistance, behaviour at different temperatures, chemical resistance and other properties.
Selected types have FDA certification and can therefore be used in the food industry.
The table below shows the technical parameters of the most commonly used types.

The material is most commonly used for the production of O-rings, however, other sealing elements can be custom made according to the requirement
This can include, for example, flat seals, cuffs and more.

A chemical resistance table for specific substances is available on request.

Material properties of the most common types of FFKM material

VlastnostNormaJednotkaFFKM80, bílýFFKM80, černý
Minimální teplota použití°C-20-15
Maximální teplota použití°C270330
TvrdostASTM D 2240Shore A80 ± 575 ± 5
Pevnost v tahuASTM D 412MPa13,517,8
TažnostASTM D 412MPa105152
Měrná hmotnostASTM D 1817g/cm32,43 ± 0,031,98 ± 0,03
Odolnost nízké teplotě, TR10ASTM D 1329°C-2-4
Komprese, 70h při 300°CASTM D 395 B/1%2646
Komprese, 70h při 280°CASTM D 395 B/1%35
Komprese, 70h při 200°CASTM D 395 B/1%19,5

O-rings (as well as other sealing elements) made of FFKM material can be custom-made.
The size is therefore produced exactly according to the requirement. Production is possible from 1 piece.

Compared to O-rings made of conventional materials (e.g. NBR70), the material cost of FFKM is significantly higher.
For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to test the suitability of the dimension first with an O-ring made of other materials and only after this test proceed to the use of the FFKM ring.

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For more information on the FFKM material, see for example here or this resource.