Industrial hoses

Industrial hoses form another part of our product range.
We offer a wide range of hoses for various applications from leading European manufacturers.

In addition to the hoses themselves, we also offer hose ends, couplings, fittings, flanges and other accessories.

Industrial hoses – offer

We offer industrial hoses for the following applications:

  • Hoses for water and liquids

  • Multi-purpose hoses

  • Hose for pressurised air

  • Hoses for industrial gases

  • Hose for hot water and steam

  • Hoses for chemicals

  • Hoses for petroleum products

  • Hoses for abrasives

  • Hoses for food

Please contact us for a specific offer.
Let us know your product requirements and we will be happy to identify and offer you a suitable solution.

We also provide reinforcement of hoses with selected end fittings, flanges, couplings, fittings and other related accessories.

We typically deliver hoses in standard packs. However, in case of interest, we can deliver the selected hose in a specific length exactly according to the requirement, including fitting with selected accessories.

Hose braids, hose covers

We also offer hose braids and hose covers.
Hose covers are used to improve the technical parameters of hoses. They are typically used when it is necessary to increase the heat resistance of the hose. Thanks to the use of the hose sleeve, the hose can be used at significantly higher temperatures while maintaining the technical operating parameters.

The material is available in the form of sleeves, braids or for attachment to the hose with Velcro.