Refractory fabrics, thermal insulation materials

We offer a wide range of refractory fabrics and other materials that can be used for thermal insulation purposes.
Depending on the material, we also offer custom-made products (sewn curtains, screens, etc.), or. cuttings and machined parts.

REONTHERM – felt stainless steel fabric

Felt refractory fabric woven from stainless steel fibres. Temperature resistance up to 700°C.
Mainly used in the glass industry.

  • High temperature resistance
  • Flexibility, mechanical resistance
  • Possibility of composition of PBO and para-amide fibres

REONTHERM W1000 – protective fabric for welding

Fabric coated on both sides with a protective layer against sparks, welding beads, etc.

Temperature resistance 850°C
. Used as environmental protection in all types of welding

  • Impermeability of the material
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High temperature resistance

SHIELD PLATE – insulator, electro-mechanical applications

Available in P (higher temperature resistance) and M (higher mechanical resistance).
Temperature resistance up to 1000°C. Use for a variety of thermo-mechanical applications with emphasis on electrical properties.

  • Electrical insulator

  • High temperature resistance

  • Available in thicknesses from 0.2 to 110 mm


Mica films, mica paper, combined materials (mica + fibre paper)
Use for example in induction furnaces

  • Electrical insulator

  • High temperature resistance

  • Low thermal conductivity

ISOLCART (Nephalite)

Rigid board made of a mixture of inorganic mineral fibres and organic glue.
It does not abrade any asbestos or ceramic fibres. Temperature resistance up to 1000°C

  • High temperature resistance
  • Suitable for flat seals, panels, thermal insulation, etc.


Different variants of woven thermal insulation tapes. Temperature resistance 1200°C.
Wide range of applications.

  • Different types and widths
  • High temperature resistance

Refractory fabrics

REONTHERM refractory fabric has the following properties:
high temperature resistance (up to 700°C), long service life, reusability, high quality
Special emphasis is placed on corrosion resistance, structure, composition and weight.
Emphasis on these parameters guarantees high and reliable performance of all materials.

REONTHERM felt refractory fabrics combine the high temperature resistance of stainless steel fibres, the softness of textile fabrics and exceptional mechanical durability and resistance.

They are designed primarily for the glass industry. They are typically used as a protective coating for tools and other elements that come into contact with the final product during the manufacturing process. The felt heat-resistant fabric thus protects the final product from scratching, cracking or any other mechanical deterioration. But they can also be used in many other applications.

Refractory fabrics – properties

■ 100% stainless steel fibre composition that can withstand temperatures up to 700°C.
■ The stainless steel from which the material is made can be enriched with para-aramid or PBO fibres to ensure higher resistance and durability of the material.
■ For applications where increased spatial integrity and flexibility are required, the material is fitted with a stainless steel fibre liner.
■ All REONTHERM refractory felt fabrics are produced in rolls of 1200 x 10000 mm as standard, however, smaller quantities can be supplied on request (please contact us to order a sample).
■ Felt refractory fabrics can also be custom calendered to increase surface quality and reduce thickness.

For applications with special requirements, the properties and structure of the material can be adapted to fully suit the specific environment and perform its function flawlessly.

The REONTHERM range of felt refractory fabrics is designed to meet the requirements that real environments and specific applications place on the material.

The REONTHERM product line of refractory felt fabrics includes:

NázevMateriálŠířka v mmNominální tloušťka v mm(1)Hmotnost(2) v g/m²
NP200100% VNO(3)10004,61750
NP250100% VNO s VNO vložkou12002,31850
NP280100% VNO s VNO vložkou120021274
NP350100% VNO s VNO vložkou120054000
NP400100% VNO s VNO vložkou12001,21000
NP750100% VNO s para-amid vložkou120053000
NP2000100% PBO(4) s para-amid vložkou205041400
NP2500VNO / para-amid11004,51300
NP2700VNO / PBO120041970
(1 ) Thickness according to ISO 5084
(2) Weight according to ISO 3801
(3 ) VNO = stainless steel fibres that can withstand temperatures up to 700°C permanently
(4) PBO = textile fibre with the chemical composition poly(p-phenylene-benzobisoxazole)

Other types of thermal insulation materials

Please contact us for detailed technical information.