Mechanical seals

We offer a complete range of all commonly used types of mechanical seals.

We are distributors of the European mechanical seal manufacturer Vulcan Engineering Limited.

In addition to the standard types (80,000 items in the range), we also offer the possibility of custom-made seals.
We are happy to advise and recommend suitable materials and design solutions.


Mechanical seals – description of use

Mechanical seals are used when it is necessary to seal a rotating shaft against a stationary body.
They are therefore used for example in pumps, mixers and similar equipment.

Usually, the stationary part of the mechanical seal is located in the body of the device, while the movable part is attached to the shaft. The two parts of the mechanical seal are in rotary motion relative to each other and are also pressed against each other by springs to prevent opening. The mechanical seal is O-ring sealed against the shaft and body. When the pumped medium enters the sealing joint, a lubricating film is formed and the desired sealing effect is achieved.

In our offer you will find types and kinds of seals that are commonly used by manufacturers of pumps, agitators, etc. and can therefore be used as spare parts for these devices.

Mechanical seals – Vulcan Engineering

Below you will find a catalogue of the complete offer of Vulcan Engineering.
In the catalogue it is possible to find all the technical information concerning the individual types of seals, materials, recommendations for installation and other technical information.


Vulcan Engineering, based in the UK, is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of mechanical seals.
We offer more than 80,000 items with a normal stock availability of up to 2 weeks. Purchase is possible from 1 piece.
When buying larger quantities, it is possible to offer interesting quantity discounts and advantages.
The range also includes types that meet FDA approvals and can therefore be used in the food industry (e.g. dairies, etc.)

In addition to efficiency and large inventories, the company offers top quality products using the finest materials.
There are many types in the range that can be used as replacements for mechanical seals from other manufacturers.

Another benefit is the possibility of custom production of the part for non-standard use or for non-standard technical and operational conditions and requirements.
Custom production is possible from one piece, e.g. in the development of new equipment for prototypes.

Mechanical seals

Repair of mechanical seals, surface lapping, honing

We also refurbish mechanical seals.
We use mainly our own lapping technology, thanks to which it is possible to restore the surface quality of the contact surfaces of mechanical seals and thus significantly extend the life and function of this sealing element.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will select and recommend the appropriate part depending on your requirements and environmental parameters.

Further information on mechanical seals can be found here or here, for example.